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Would you like to know the secret of "heilsmail" ? If you are a friend, you can ask directly. If you know me, maybe you can ask, when we next meet.

Else... well, ok...  After starting the reorganization of my e - mail management, I was thinking about a new mailaddress. Also I had created some new websites recently, so... ideas lead to mailweg.de and here.

If you are a friend of mine, you might further benefit by logging in here with the standard login to many of my homepages [The password may have changed. Feel free to ask for a new one.]. Since that text is in German, though, maybe... just ask me, ok ?

Anyway, there might be much more things to do in the world, and much more important things than this -  transcend, be happy and at peace.

    2020 Contact Deus et esse idem. Peace. Om Shanti.